Curtains Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Looking for a specialist curtain cleaning company?

At Melbourne Curtain & Blind Cleaning, we pride ourselves on using the most advanced techniques in curtains cleaning. Our team of skilled curtain cleaners believes in delivering top quality in curtain cleaning and blind cleaning services. We cater our services in both residential and commercial projects.

What gives us an edge over other blind cleaning companies, is our years of experience within the cleaning industry. We use the most efficient technology in blind cleaning in Melbourne. Our skilled staff will expertly remove your curtains or blinds for cleaning and carefully assess all the spots and marks on your curtains that need special attention. After our job is done, we deliver and expertly rehang the freshly cleaned curtains to save you the hassle.

At Melbourne Curtain & Blind Cleaning, we ensure that our services do not damage or ruin your curtains in anyway.

Dry Cleaning Curtains

We specialise in cleaning all types of curtains and blinds, from roman blinds to venetian blinds.

With our cleaning service all your curtains and blinds will become sanitised, rejuvenated and odourless.

Our Commitment:
• Curtains and drapes are removed, cleaned and re-hung on the same day
• Sewing repairs to headers and hems, if required
• Hooks are re-tensioned
• Hooks and track slides are replaced, if required
• No shrinkage occurs in our dry-cleaning process
• Tracks are checked and minor maintenance carried out as required
• Fire-retardant chemicals in the fabric are kept intact
• Affordable pricing
• Friendly expert advice on all materials to be cleaned
• Reliability

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Processes

We insist on using absolute environmental friendly products during our curtain cleaning. Our techniques are non-toxic and non-pollutant, causing no impact to the environment. Extend the life of your curtains and blinds with cleaning solutions at Melbourne Curtain & Blind Cleaning.

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