Blind Cleaning Melbourne


Looking for an expert blind cleaning service in Melbourne for your dirty blinds?

At Melbourne Curtain and Blind Cleaning, we provide expert blind cleaning, using the most efficient and effective blind cleaning process. We use advanced processes and specialised equipment to remove grime, dust, stains, insect marks, oil, nicotine and smelly odours. Our blind cleaning will renew your blinds and leave them looking bright, vibrant and revitalised.

We take the hassle out of cleaning your blinds with our same-day service and exceptional customer care.

We clean all types of blinds like Venetian blinds, Vertical blinds, Roman blinds, Timber Venetian blinds, Slim line blinds, Roller blinds, Blockout Blinds, Holland blinds, Austrian blinds and Sun Screen blinds.

At Melbourne Curtain and Blind Cleaning, we are fussy about cleaning. We clean your blinds including cleaning blockout blinds thoroughly and to a high level of satisfaction bringing new life to any room. If you want clean, sanitised and de-odorised blinds, our skilled professionals can do the job.

We provide exceptionally competitive prices for both residential and commercial customers. Our expertise and prompt curtain cleaning service come from years of experience within the industry and the use of professionally trained staff. 

We provide exceptionally competitive prices for residential blind cleaning or commercial blind cleaning services. Our expertise and prompt service comes from years of experience within the industry and the use of professionally trained staff. We work on Venetian blind cleaning, vertical blind cleaning and Roman blind cleaning through to timber Venetians, slim line and roller blind cleaning and cleaning blockout blinds.

Our blind cleaning causes no shrinkage or damage – your Roman blind and curtain are safe with us at Melbourne Curtain & Blind Cleaning.

The Unbeatable Features of Our Blind Cleaning Service are:

  • Reliable Service
  • Peace of mind from qualified blind cleaners
  • Cost-effective cleaning
  • Highly effective ultrasonic blind cleaning
  • Same day pick up and re-hanging service
  • Non-toxic chemicals used
  • Professionally trained staff
  • Environmentally friendly
We also offer reliable curtain cleaning services in Melbourne

Roman Blind Cleaning Melbourne

Growing in popularity thanks to their eye-catching design, Roman Blind can be challenging to clean given the folds in the fabric. At Melbourne Curtain & Blind Cleaning we proudly offer complete and reliable Roman Blind cleaning solutions, no matter your location in the city.

Our skilled team understand how to utilise innovative methods and techniques when cleaning Roman Blind for the convenience of home and business owners.


Most Trusted Venetian Blind Cleaner in Melbourne 

Venetian blinds are beautiful and aesthetic to see. Apart from adding a unique touch of sophistication to your home or office, it gives you control over the amount of light you want in your space while ensuring maximum privacy. However, cleaning Venetian blinds can be a challenge. 

The horizontal slats in a Venetian blind are easily susceptible to accumulating dirt, grime, dust, pollens, and allergens. To make your blinds dust and allergen free, you need experienced and reliable Venetian blind cleaners like Melbourne Curtain and Blind Cleaning. We restore your Venetian blinds to pristine condition using advanced cleaning processes and specialised equipment. 

Searching results for ‘Venetian blind cleaning near me?’ Call the experts at Melbourne Curtain and Blind Cleaning and get same-day service with excellent results. 

Opt for the Best Roller Blinds Cleaning Service 

Roller blinds are attractive and eye-catching and elevate the look of any room. These are usually fabric blinds that can be rolled up or down to cover your window. Since the fabric collects dust, dirt, grime, stains, pollens, and allergens over time, cleaning roller blinds needs expert services to ensure no damage. 

Ultrasonic blind cleaning technology is the best way to clean and sanitise your roller blinds immaculately. Every little spot and grime is removed from the fabric to make your roller blinds look as good as new. At Melbourne Curtain and Blind Cleaning, we provide the best roller blinds cleaning service for homes, offices, hospitals, and other interior spaces.  


Cleaning Blockout Blinds with Professionals 

Blockout blinds are installed for complete privacy. They are made of thick fabrics that do not let any sunlight in and prevent anyone from peeping inside. These blinds are typically installed in spaces like bedrooms, media rooms, and conference rooms where privacy is necessary.  Their unique design completely blocks out any light or air from passing through the room. 

Cleaning blockout blinds regularly is essential because the lack of ventilation in the room means they accumulate allergens more rapidly. As professional cleaning services, Melbourne Curtain and Blind Cleaning ensure thorough cleaning of your blockout blinds to remove all kinds of stains, grime, and allergens. Get same-day service with blinds that look brand new! 

Why Choose Us For Blind Cleaning Service In Melbourne? 

  • Quality Cleaning from Experienced Professionals 

Melbourne Curtain and Blind Cleaning is a trusted and reliable company that has been offering exceptional blind cleaning services since 1979. Our highly trained and professionally skilled cleaners use the latest technology, like an ultrasonic blind cleaning process, and specialised equipment to ensure your blinds look new and attractive always. 

  • We save your money 

Are you looking for ‘cheap Venetian blind cleaning near me’? We have got you covered! Whatever your need, we offer effective blind cleaning services at the most affordable prices. 

Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, timber blinds, blockout blinds – Melbourne Curtain and Blind Cleaning is a specialist in all types of blind cleaning. Call us for a FREE quote and get market-best rates. 

  • Get Same Day Service 

Do you need a quick and super-efficient roller blind cleaning service? We give a same-day guarantee for all our blind cleaning services. 

At Melbourne Curtain and Blind Cleaning, our professionals will come and pick up your blinds and get them cleaned and re-hanged within the same day. Be assured of swift and professional services! 

  • We are Eco-Friendly 

We do not use any toxins or harsh chemicals for our cleaning processes. All our cleaning materials are made of natural substances and are eco-friendly. We use specialised equipment to ensure minimum damage to the environment. 

At Melbourne Curtain and Blind Cleaning, we provide a complete curtain and blind cleaning service for home business and facilities managers throughout all of Melbourne. We deliver reliable and quality cleaning services for all window coverings and our cleaners can bring back that fresh, clean look to your window dressings and covers.